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Hi my name is Joe Lindsey. I am the owner of Clean my dirty As you can see from the video, we make quick work of driveway cleaning. We know how to get the job done fast, efficiently and are reasonably priced. If you are getting one of those HOA letters telling you to clean your driveway or you are selling your house and want to improve its curb appeal, or you are a homeowner that takes pride in the appearance of your property. Please feel free to check out our FAQ section for any questions you may have and as always please call if you have other questions or would like to make an appointment. Also check out the formula on the bottom of the page to estimate your own price. Call us today for a cleaner tomorrow.


1. What do you clean?
  We clean concrete driveways, sidewalks and pool decks.
2. How long does it take?
  It depends on the size of the job but a 900 sq. ft. job like the one in the video usually takes 30 to 45 minutes.
3. What do you clean?
  We clean mold, mildew, oil and rust stains. The black stuff in the video is mildew and is easily cleaned with water pressure only.
4. Do you use chemicals to clean?
  Normal mildew stains do not require chemicals but, rust and oil stains do require chemical treatment and we only use chemicals especially formulated for those stains. All of our chemicals are safe and environmentally friendly when used properly.
5. Do you guarantee to get all stains out completely?
  No. You can see from the video how good we are at getting mildew stain out and we have a lot of success at removing oil and rust stains but we never guarantee we can remove all stains completely. Click here to see a comparison of before and after driveway that had truck leaking oil constantly. You can see we made it look a lot better but you can still tell where the stain was.
6. What should I do before you come?
  If it is a driveway just move any cars from the area. Sidewalks and pool decks, move chairs, tables, potted plants etc. Anything to big for you to move we will be glad to help with.
7.  How do I figure the cost?
To calculate the cost, multiply the length of the driveway by the width to get the square feet. Then multiply the square feet by .10 to get the cost. Length 50 ft.
Width x18 ft.
Square Feet =900 Sq. ft.
  x 0 .10
Total Charge = $90.00
“We service the North Metro Houston area basically I 10 north including Conroe, Woodlands, Montgomery, Spring, N.Houston, Kingwood, Bentwater April Sound, Walden.”
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You can rent a washer and spend your day using the wand or call us and get it done fast.